Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Ten (Nine), Day Three

Writing with a sore arm.  I've been having chiropractic work done, and it has produced several releases in my neck and down my spine, which is a good thing.  But, my arm is still suffering from a nerve pinch.  Sometimes okay, sometimes not.  

We spent much of the day brainstorming about reconfiguring our living room space, which then extends into the computer/laundry/bathroom (future den), and in turn radiates out into the little added on room in the back which will become (some day) our laundry room.  Of course, taking out the little bathroom in the computer/laundry room will mean putting it in it's new intended space: the mudroom.  

All this started with talk about putting in a dividing wall between the main thoroughfare from the front door to the stairs going up to the second floor.  And moving the woodstove.  But, if we move the woodstove and push the wall back toward the computer/laundry room, then where will the piano go?  Well, where the television is now.  And that?  Where the piano is now.  All of this will make sense somewhere down the line.

I have to admit, this talk has occurred intermittently over the past few years.  DH's idea, and I've always been reluctant, either because I liked things the way they were, or because it just sounded like too much to deal with when the kids were younger, or...  Today I felt much more interested, and am quite willing to give it a go.  Where will the computer go?  Out in the main area, around the corner from where the woodstove is now.  And the fish tanks?  Ah, well, I don't know.  At least I know that, when the woodstove is moved, we'll have a pantry/broom closet to house the broom, and all the stuff that litters our kitchen counters on a regular basis.

Perhaps what makes me more willing now is having gotten this far with Artist's Way, and the discussion about making the work space more inviting.  I think change figures into the picture, too.  I'm ready for a change.  Of course, doing all this means that we will be getting rid of some of our accumulated junk.  I just hosed out the knitting book shelf, and rearranged our music cd's, stacking the cassette tapes carefully in the spaces I created by getting rid of some of the the books.

Which is why my arm is sore.  Sitting in the corner, going through stuff to find things to get rid of, sometimes sitting on my feet, and often leaning in one direction too much.  

DD is upstairs.  I think I hear her coming down to do the dishes.  She's peeved, because DH either didn't cut her any slack with the dishes that are harder to clean, or commented rather gruffly that she needed to get them done, which means drying some to make room for others.  So, I ended up standing in the hallway, alternately reasoning through DD's locked door, and cajoling DS to take his Lantus (his long-acting insulin) for the night.  Now, a half hour later, DD is washing dishes.  DS has taken his Lantus (about half an hour ago), and is back up in his room reading either Eclipse, or New Moon.  (His math teacher said he really should read whatever comes after Twilight.)

I read Chapter Nine last night, finally.  I need to do some of the exercises now.  And, as I'm getting up early to make pumpkin pie (cooked pumpkin is in the fridge) and baked sweet potatoes, I think going to bed is definitely in order.  Hopefully DH is in a better mood. He'll probably be asleep, since (he thinks) he burned the section of the paper with the crossword in it.

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