Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Seven, Day Seven

Last day of Week Seven.  I'm about to head up to bed, after a day of doing.  Doing what, I don't know.  Well, it started out with church, and washing dishes after coffee hour.  Then a fit of anger when I felt (as soon as I walked in the door) that I was being criticized.  Much stewing and tears ensued, during which I folded the laundry, stripped the bed, and started some more washing.  Then the talk about what was up, and the moving on to better things.

I'm going to be brief today.  Getting up in the middle is taking a toll on my well-being.  But, I really would miss it if I didn't write at least a little something.  I think these daily pages are good.  Truly.  And church was good.  A lot of smiling going on, and a little singing never hurt anyone.  And standing around with a plate of someone's deviled eggs as a coffee hour offering afterwards was well worth it.  It's a great way to start small conversations.

So, up to hand-write a little, and do my 9th poem of the month.  At least that is something I have kept up with!  Now I can't stop...  Here, courtesy of Robert Brewer of Poetic Asides, is Prompt #9:

For today's prompt, I want you to write a dream poem--or dream-like poem. This may or may not work with certain themes, so remember: You don't have to follow every prompt if it doesn't jive with your theme. In the meantime, I think I just heard the stove beep that it's at 350 degrees. Gotta run.

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