Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Friday, November 21, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Nine, Day Five

A quickie.  I seem to be later and later, and pretty soon I'll be signing on just a hair before midnight!  Next thing you know, it'll already be the next day.  

So, I added a lot to my street style blog.  Been having fun with that.  I'm finding some great photos.  Also got a couple of instant poems *starts* in my head, and wouldn't you know it? I didn't follow up right away, so lost a little of the momentum.  In the words of Charlie Brown, "rats."

Well, I did get the laptop out and fiddled with my two starts, and they are currently both residing in the same poem, becoming one.  I'll look at it in the morning and see what I think about that whole situation.  

Meanwhile, I'm up far too late for one who's going to be on night-duty.  Although, I'm thinking we are going to be able to stop this getting up at 2 am pretty soon.  DS is really leveling out with his insulin and blood sugar readings.  It's nice.  The one thing I've got to look into now is whether gingko biloba is okay for Type *1* diabetics...  I know that for some diabetics gingko can lower insulin levels.  Just want to be safe...

Robert's poem prompt is simple today:

Today, I want you to write a confessional poem. And then, get to enjoying your weekend.

So, I'll try to do that in a moment.  Tomorrow is the haircut--my Artist Date.  The other thing is to take DD out driving so she can get some experience before her next drive with the instructor.  And tomorrow evening is a school play, "The Crucible."  I'll report in tomorrow after I'm back.

I'm off to bed...

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