Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Monday, November 10, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Eight, Day One and a Half

I've just taken the bread out of the oven, and photographed it.  It was a charmed day for bread all around.  DH's two sourdough loaves look gorgeous, and mine now smell really good.  I'll include a couple of photos.  Wish I could imprint the scent!

I love texture, and color, and used to spend hours in the color darkroom at the University if others didn't show up for their time slots.  Stumbling in near total darkness to find the paper safe, setting up the enlarger, doing tests with paper and feeding it all into the color machine.  It took roughly 12 minutes to see the results, and then determine whether the exposure time was right, and if the color balance was good.  Most fun was feeding though large photos--20 x 24--and enjoying seeing the first ones emerge.

But there is something gratifying about digital, and being able to work with the images on the computer.  Other textures I love are tree bark, the surface of stones, moss and lichens on tree limbs, the fluidity of stream water in early spring.  A carpet of fall leaves.  The crispness of the lily close-up, the pollen on the stamens, that subtle iridescence and powder along one petal.

Now the yogurt is incubating, and should be ready to refrigerate when I get up for the 2 am blood sugar check...


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