Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Nine, Day Four

I think my Artist's Date will have been one of two things this week:  yesterday's trip to the chiropractor, or my up-coming haircut on Saturday.  I found a photo in MORE magazine with a cut I like, but am not sure it's "me."  It would be "me" if I get it cut that way--"me" getting used to something different!  I'm in the mood for something different.  

My date at the chiropractic office was interesting.  What I thought was initially going to be an hour ended up being over two hours.  I haven't had an adjustment in 2 1/2 years, and have been feeling pinched in the next and stiff in the lower back.  Pilates doesn't bother it--rather, it feels good.  However, later on in the day I get stiff and sore again.  I know that because of the stress of life lately that I've been holding a lot of tension, and typically much of that gets stored around my spine.  I tried out a new chiropractor, and so far I think this will work.  He's close to home, and seems to be very on top of things.  What he had to say made sense to me, and I learned a few things, which is always nice.  You know when you're up on things somewhat when your physician/health practitioner becomes more relaxed and excited about imparting knowledge, spouting off more medical terminology, knowing you can handle it.  I got more intimate with the workings of the spine and the nerves that radiate out from it, and how some of my vertebrae are either in decent alignment, or are off, and pinching my nerves, compromising other normal functions in my body.

So, that was yesterday.  Tomorrow I go back for a 20 check-in and tweaking.  Fine with me.  I'm all for getting my spine back in to optimal health.  Next is the massage.  Another Artist Date idea!  

So, I'm behind in my poem writing.  Here are the next two prompts I haven't done yet:

So today is when we try to complete an experiment in poetry collection writing. On Day 3, I asked you to write a refrain poem that would be a shorter version of the poem you would write on Day 20. Well, it's Day 20, so let's see if this works.

Of course, it has occured during this month that it would probably make more sense to write the longer poem first and then cut the refrain out of that, instead of building upon the refrain to make the longer one. Yeah, that's what would make more sense, but I guess that's why we experiment, right?

Anyway, here's a link to Day 3, so that you can easily find your effort from that day and see how I went about doing this. Feel free to take it in a completely different direction than I have.


And yesterday:

A week ago, I had you write a poem focused on a tiny detail. Today, I want you to write a poem that shows the big picture. You can still get very specific, but I want you to try incorporating a big picture concept related to your theme. For instance, if you're writing war poems, you could write a poem focused on the leader of one of the armies and through his specific concerns cover the full scope of what's happening.

So, for today, back up and soak in the big picture.

So, I'm off to bed.  Hopefully I can do a few AW exercises, and get a good long Morning Pages entry in!

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