Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Sunday, May 6, 2012

National Photography Month - Day Six

Grace Flowers today, originally uploaded by salmonbear7.

Grace Flowers today

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Moon over Puget Sound (seen from Kingston)

My "extra" Photography Month photo, as today was Super Moon Saturday~

May poem

May by Jonathan Galassi : The Poetry Foundation


By Jonathan Galassi
The backyard apple tree gets sad so soon,   
takes on a used-up, feather-duster look   
within a week.

The ivy’s spring reconnaissance campaign   
sends red feelers out and up and down   
to find the sun.

Ivy from last summer clogs the pool,   
brewing a loamy, wormy, tea-leaf mulch   
soft to the touch

and rank with interface of rut and rot.
The month after the month they say is cruel   
is and is not.

National Photography Month - Day 5

The tulips continue to amaze me every day. I think I derive energy from their vibrant colors.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day Four of National Photography Month

Waiting for sunnier days, originally uploaded by salmonbear7.

"Waiting for sunnier days"

As I post this it is raining heavily out there, on the eve of the Super Moon. I hope it clears off enough by 11:30 pm for me to photograph it!

Meanwhile, I've been going through my scads of photos, deleting to make more room on my computer, and I found this shot, take over three years ago.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day Three of National Photography Month

At the beach, originally uploaded by salmonbear7.

This was taken in Sept. 9, 2007, but hey - who's keeping track?!

Loved this crow. Mom was feeding it popcorn ...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Photograpy Month - Day Two

Today is a typical back and forth day: sun, clouds, wind, and the remnants of rain. Here is a photo of my view today:

I have much to do today: proof-reading, home-work coaching, writing.  I will make time to get outside, take more photos~

Photo a Day for National Photography Month

I don't know why it took me until today to realise that this is National Photography Month.  I find it kind of wonderful that it comes right on the heels of National Poetry Month.  Now I have a new self-set challenge - to post a photo a day.

This one is for yesterday:

Mom and I went to the tulip fields in Mount Vernon, and the day was near perfect.  It wasn't overly sunny, but the clouds were nice, and the vibrancy and detail of the flowers and fields as a whole were spectacular.


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