Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Five, Day Six

Here, before I forget, is the next prompt for Poem A Day:

For a collection (whether poetry, music, or whatever), I really like it when the individual pieces communicate with each other. So, for today’s poem, I want you to pick one of your earlier poems from this month and write a poem that is a response to that earlier poem.


To make it very immediate, you could write a response to yesterday’s confessional poem. Or you could reach back to Day 17’s Love Poem, Day 7’s Myth Poem, etc. I’m sure those reading along would love it if you include to which day’s poem you are responding, too.


*   *   *   *   *

Saw the Crucible tonight--very well done!  The cast was made of up mostly High School students, and some middle school, too.  Very powerfully done, with a great set and costumes.  The set was simple, with a sort of netting backdrop that allowed images of the forest to show through, and a black stage.  Two somewhat cross-shaped posts and beams on either side, and wooden benches as the only props.  The costumes were black dresses and black shoes, white shirts and tan vests.  The only really fancy attire was that of the Reverend, the Judge and Deputy.  Very striking indeed.  

This will be the first night of no 2 am check.  This will be strange, and weird to go through the night without interruption, save getting up for a bathroom break.  This will be good, especially as I turned off the alarm one night very recently, and didn't have any recollection of hearing it, or doing that.  Getting clever, my tired self is!

So, I'm off to bed now.  Good thing, too, as I'm running my words together, and have to back up and redo too often.  

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