Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Two, Day Three

I might as well call these my Evening Pages.  This is when I typically get to them!  

So, Crazymakers and Skeptics.  I think I might fall into those categories.  Definitely skeptical about my abilities.  I remember receiving praise for a workshop I ended up leading, sort of fell into it in a way.  It was very intense, with my working with a group of women for a few hours.  Later on, after the workshop, which was part of a retreat, I was told by someone else that people really appreciated my work, etc.  Instead of saying thank you, I fumbled around, trying to push it off on something, or someone else.  I don't really remember what I said.  The point is, I didn't take the compliment well.  

Why?  Partly because I didn't want to appear to eager for the praise, when in truth, I like to hear it.  But I think it goes beyond that.  If I felt truly comfortable about the praise, I'd have simply said Thank You.  Not a bunch of other things pointing to my abilities, but just Thank You.  I've been told since then what my appropriate answer should be, and it is still hard to say those words.  Practice makes perfect, right?

Today I sewed a long flannel patch over a big rip in some sheets we've had for several years.  I think the state of things in the country, and the world, made me do it.  The rest of the fabric is just fine, and they are mostly the only sheets we use, even in the summer.  I've been making yogurt every 2 or 3 days, and DH is making wheat bread, and is keeping the sourdough starter active by making pancakes occasionally, and great sourdough bread.  

Observation--this is another key.  When life is challenging, taking time to observe the beauty, the marvels around you can change the way you perceive your circumstances, and improve your mood and outlook.  Yesterday the rain came, but briefly.  It was supposed to be in the 80's.  A storm is predicted for Thursday (tomorrow), and I thought it was coming yesterday.  But today was beautiful, and had warmth to it.  I mowed the renter's lawn yesterday after mailing my mss., afraid that might be my only chance in awhile.  The man at the Post Office was worried when I said that rain had fallen on my way there--he was to have a barbeque today.  Nice thing is, the weather was perfect for his plans.  Somehow, it all works out in one way or another.  

This isn't to say that it would never rain on someone's plans, but something else comes out of changed plans usually.  It's all a matter of having a good back-up plan, and also in what you make of the unexpected.  I think we all know that to some degree or another.

I'm going to continue this in my leather journal, and add more tomorrow.  It's getting late, and I need more sleep than I'm allowing myself these days.  I teach two classes tomorrow, and I like to feel as energised as possible.  As positive as possible.  Who knows what tomorrow will brings, anyway?


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