Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Three, Day Two

There is a rainbow outside. DD saw it on our way to school. I'm glad she pointed it out. I might have been slow on the uptake. I just cancelled my Pilates class in order to take DS to the doctor, to check out his perpetual dry mouth/throat and excessive thirst. May the rainbow be with us. I'll admit it--I sincerely hope it isn't the precursor to diabetes, which my mom has. Hers isn't the "bad" kind. I admit, I'm gathering too many facts and making a rash diagnosis even before I hear what it really is. That is my particular demon.

So, this is the week to address Anger. We'll see how that works... I'll check in later.
* * * *
I'm writing from the hospital. Turns out DS has Type 1 Diabetes. I can't quite take all this in right now. I'm only going to put this in right now, and go back to his room. I feel so bad. And worried. I know it'll all work out okay in the long run, but right now it feels like so much to take in. And I'm not even him!
I'll check in again, hopefully later. This journey seems to have split into two streams...
I know this is going to hit harder very soon. It was very hard this morning. I cried before I left the house to pick DS up from school to take him to the doctor. And when she confirmed my fears, and sent us on our way, something clicked over into autopilot. I'm going to run out of gas at some point, and have to deal more intimately with the emotions. DS is placated right now with a new bionicle and a new copy of Iron Man, so I sneaked out to check my mail. I won't stay out long.
How appropriate that the anger phase comes this week. I don't know how consistent I will be with this, but I may continue to post as life progesses with Type 1 diabetes. I'll keep us posted, so to speak.
Be well, please.

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