Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Friday, October 17, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Four, Day Five

Question #3 from Ch. 3:

List Five Childhood Accomplishments:

1. Straight A's in the first quarter of 6th grade.  
2. Winning $30 in the football pool.
3. Winning $30 at bingo once.
4. Seven years of ballet, several years of horseback riding.  I did get a trophy and ribbons for some of the classes I entered.
5. Twelve years of piano.

I really don't know if the last four can be considered accomplishments.  Not really, and certainly not 2 and 3.  

Childhood treats?  My grandmother's plum dumplings, for sure.  Also Chinese food, lemon meringue pie, cherry tomatoes, and schnitzel.

#2. Five traits I liked in myself as a child...

Wow.  Um, I was fairly decent at drawing, and other kids seemed to think so, too.  I used to worry that things were feeling pain--this is quirky--like my socks if they were sticking out of a closed drawer.  I'd open the drawer, and free the socks from their pain.  I had lots of friends.  I loved to read.  I enjoyed playing the with kids in our neighborhood daycares, and took them for bike rides sometimes.

#4.  Three obvious "rotten habits" and three "subtle" ones:

Useless computer stuff, like checking the stats on my blogs, excessive Facebook use, and other computer time that takes away from my submission and poem revision time.

Being disorganized.

Staying up so late I don't get enough rest.

Not eating as well as I should.

Not getting enough cardio exercise to balance out my weights and Pilates. 

Agreeing with those who tell what I really should be doing, just to placate them.  (Even though I get mad about it later, and wish I had more backbone.)

--More later.

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