Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Friday, October 31, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Six, Day Five

I don't know what to say about this week.  I didn't address much this issue of God and money.  It still feels weird to me.  I might try to do the questions tonight.  I'm having a hard time thinking God would like to give me money without my having come up with a good plan for securing said money.  Maybe I'm just not getting it.  I did get some extra hours for work these past two weeks; does that count?  

The market is up--right now.  Maybe on Monday everything will have gone down again.  Tuesday can't come fast enough.  I just hope everyone stays alive.  I just watched "The Big Chill," and I think it's having an effect on my writing.  So is the bottle of St. Michele white.  

Not to mention the fact that when I awoke this morning (for good, as I didn't sleep worth beans last night) my hands felt weird, and the tips of my fingers were tender, a little sore.  My ring doesn't slip off.  I must be really dehydrated, and this worries me.  I'm spooked by DS's diabetes.  So this makes me think that I might have something going on, too.  Gotta just drink more water, and get some good sleep.  

I need a break.  To get away for awhile.  My artist date, only longer than part of a day.  A few nights in a cabin by the ocean, the days getting shorter, a little wind picking up.  Not enough to blow out the lights, so that I can continue to use my laptop.  Just to write late into the night, the rain hitting the roof and windows to one side, and wake up to the sun burning a thin sliver  between grey clouds.

--More tomorrow.

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