Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Monday, December 15, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Twelve, Day One

My last week, first time around.  Nothing much to report today other than it was one of those tangled up weird days.  School started two hours late for DD and DS, and I started work a half hour before that.  I found out after work that there was some confusion about who was driving the kids in the morning, so I sent a couple of panicked msgs to two different phones.  Turns out it all worked out just fine--I just didn't get any clarifying msg back telling me this.  

DS didn't feel well this morning, which isn't surprising as he has a major paper due on Weds.  Today his neck and shoulder hurt.  This doesn't surprise me, either, the way he bows toward the computer, or rests on one elbow in bed to read.  Sigh...  I could go on about how we were all in better shape as kids, running around the neighborhood, etc., but it wouldn't do any good.  

DD didn't want to go to school, either.  One more week, or four days now, before Winter Break.  Yesterday's snow doesn't help matters; rather, it kindles a deep desire for more snow, and the wish to stay home.  Once home, both of them are bored and want to get out.  I have a feeling this is going to be the norm for a few years to come.  Lord help and preserve me.

A dear friend is a finalist in a prestigious poetry book contest.  I totally dropped the ball on many good contests this fall, so didn't enter very many.  I really hope she is one of the two chosen.  Her manuscript is great, well-honed, and reflects a lot of hard work and love.  I would love to see it published.  May the powers of the Universe work in her favor!

I need a poem.

 What I took in my hand
grew in weight. You must
understand it
was not obscene.

Night comes. We sleep.
Then if you know what
say it.
Don't pretend.

Guises are
what enemies wear. You
and I live
in a prayer.

Helpless. Helpless,
should I speak.
Would you.
What do you think of me.

No woman ever was,
was wiser
than you. None is
more true.

But fate, love, fate
scares me. What
I took in my hand
grows in weight. 

Robert Creeley

And now I need sleep.  

And some dreams I can remember, and do something with.  Last night's were distant, and I had them in the space of time after I fell asleep again after the three phone calls and one e-mail about the school start delays, and upon waking again to find it almost 8 am.  An hour to get ready for work, and make the lunches.  

I need to breathe.  Nothing but the deep breath in, and the full breath out.  Pilates.  Yoga. Meditation.  Necessary.


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