Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Thirteen, New Year's Eve

So, it's been a few days.  Already I've slipped a little bit.  Okay, granted it *was* Christmas, and because of the snow we had to make up a couple of celebrations... and tonight's New Year's Eve.  The Best of the Cars is on the CD player, DH is in the kitchen making Figgy Pudding, DD, DS and DF are in the yard shooting things off, my pecan pie is cooling on the counter, the veggies are on the table, and friends are on the way.

Also in the offing is pickled herring, salted herring, kimchee, smoked almonds, Asian pears, mango, and whatever else our DF's are bringing.  I'm sure we'll all be slow and foggy tomorrow, but well-fed.  Did I mention wine and champagne?  (Hmm, spellcheck doesn't like my spelling of kimchee...)  (Well, according to Wikipedia, "kimchi" and "gimchi" are also correct.)

I did manage to send out two full mss. today.  That was good.  I got a new laser printer on sale a couple of days ago.  I think the copies look much better than the ones I do on the deskjet.  So, here's hoping for something published in 2009!  

Seeing as I'm expecting guests soon, I'm going to abandon this until later... hopefully adding food photos soon.

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