Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Artist's Way Journal - Week Eleven (Ten), Day Three

Just a quickie before bed~

So, my Artist Date today was in the company of two wonderful women, both of whom are doing the Artist's Way at the same time.  It started out with the three of us meeting at the Kingston Art Gallery (gorgeous, BTW) so that I could photograph some artwork for the cover of Crab Creek Review.  I found a beautiful labyrinth plate in mesmerising shades of water and lavender. I'll photograph it and post it soon.  Just need to remember to do that.  The artist's name is Jim Gregory.  

This isn't my bowl, but a picture of work he does.  

This is a little blurb from his bio:

Jim has worked with glass for over 30 years. As a glass chemist, he makes glass from the raw materials using sand, soda, limestone, and metal oxides for colorants. As an artist, Jim cuts, stretches, blows, and fuses glass to make anything from traditional leaded windows to multi-colored fused glass room dividers.

Chai and a perfect apple fritter for afters at The Coffee Exchange, and great conversation.  I really needed that, and it was so nice just to sit and talk.  These two women are great people, and fabulous poets.  I feel blessed having good friends, both here, and in distant places.  May they be so blessed themselves.  I know they are.

In the background the Celtic Women are singing on PBS.  The fish tank is gurgling and the pumpkin bread is cooling.  It is just good to write.  But now I think I'll shift into hand-writing mode, just to feel the texture of print-making paper sewn into and bound in a simple leather journal.  Being in the gallery today was a spiritual lift.  Friends, art made by local artists, and light coming through the many windows--a morning couldn't have been much better than that.

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