Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Morning Page--and 25 Random Things About Me

1. I've had three burns since New Year. The blistered burn on my palm hurts worst.

2. I once stopped my toddler son from walking off a high bank backwards. 

3. I won $30 the first time I played bingo with my relatives, and $30 again when my dad put my name on a "Guest Guesser" newspaper coupon when I was probably eight.

4. Billy Collins and I were "neighbors" in the contributor notes of the Atlanta Review once.

5. I once read an Old Testament reading in church when my tongue wouldn't allow me to say the name "Jethro," both times it came up in the same passage.

6. I love sashimi--especially tuna and salmon.

7. I danced in a bar in Washington D. C. when I was 17.

8. I was briefly on John Lydon's (PiL, Sex Pistols) tour bus after the concert. It was parked in front of the Vogue, if I remember correctly.

9. I stage dived (dove?) at the Dead Kennedys concert, narrowly missing Jello Biafra, who probably would have pushed me off.

10. I hurt one ankle at the first Ramones concert I went to. I hurt the other one the next night, at the second show.

11. I did 550+ cartwheels in a row, in High School, for a fundraiser.

12. I ate snails at Rainier Square, as a dare, as a High School student. I was hooked.

13. A friend and I picked up a hitchhiker on Orcas Island. 

14. Probably the very day i bought the "Thriller" cassette was the first time I drove 90 mph on the freeway in my aunt's Honda.

15. My ears have contained eight earrings at one time.

16. I have never smoked a cigarette.

17. I predicted the Ash Wednesday earthquake without meaning to. (Now, why would I have *meant* to?!)

18. I can now pick up small spiders. Just not the ones you can hear walking across the rug.

19. I will eat raw oysters, although it has been years.

20. I once held two angry German Shepherds at bay to protect my daughter, who was in a stroller. Finally a truck appeared, and ran them off the road. 

21. I went for 18 years without traveling on an airplane.

22. My son was hospitalised right after birth, on Mother's Day weekend. My daughter had her appendix removed, on Mother's Day, several years later.

23. For years I thought my middle name was Katherine, and I wrote it on my papers in grade school. I later found that it wasn't written that way on my birth certificate.

24. According to Susan, a mystic, I have been a Native American woman twice, one of those lives as a Shaman, holding a bone rattle and wearing the skin of a bear. I helped ferry souls of the dead to the other side.

25. It took me 135 hours to sew my wedding dress, and 14 yards of fabric. Untold amounts of lace.

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