Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Artist's Way Journal - Week Thirteen, Day Seven

Phew!  Just got home from DM and DDad's.  It took us about 2 hours plus, one hour to get to the ferry (which usually takes us 20 minutes).  While that may not sound bad, it was a little bit tense as there were cars in the ditch, and roadblocks causing us to have to reroute down unfamiliar back roads in the dark, in the driving snow.  

Okay, it may sound like we're wimps.  The Passat just isn't good in the snow.  We made it, but if we don't get somewhat of a running start up any sort of inclines, we're almost certainly doomed.  And, to top it off, we were just yards away from turning into the road that leads to our house when we encountered more flashing lights, and traffic stopped.  I knew that, over time, people would be trying to turn around, and that eventually we'd get a good shot at the road.  It took only ten minutes, and we were homeward bound.

Just after turning onto our little road--did I mention there's a little incline here, right after the turn?--we got stuck in the new wet slippery snow.  We had to make the kids get out and walk while we tried to get the car moving.  DH got out and kicked some of the snow piles clear of the tires, and I tried getting up the little hill.  With a push, and succeeded and I drove home while the other three walked.  But, try as I might, I couldn't get up the last little hill to our carport.  Oh well, I tried three times, and finally DH, arriving down the drive himself, said, "Why not just leave it where it is?"

So, there it is.  And our Christmases are done for the time being.  No more until December 2009.  Apparently the snow isn't done yet, however.  DS has a two-hour late arrival time; DD, grumpy about it, doesn't have any special notifications at this time.  Being, this year, in a public school, I'm sure with all the recent closures the district isn't too eager to call the shots too early.  Wait until 4 or 5 am.  Then make the calls.  I can see their point; DD just wants more time off.  

Where's the creativity in all of this?  It's in imagining all the photos I could have taken with my phone on the ride home, if it weren't for thinking DH would become even more unnerved if I did so while he drove.  It's in seeing the world a little whiter again, even though we didn't quite shed all of our previous snow.  It's in wondering what life has in store, now that kids are going back to school, and life is returning to some sort of normalcy.  How will I adapt, and how quickly?  Back to making school lunches, back to badgering about getting up and taking blood sugar tests and eating breakfast.  Back to driving to and from, to figuring out who's driving where and when, and how I'm going to fit it all into a day.  Or a week.  Or the next two weeks.  

And what will I read at my upcoming reading?  What time will I have to leave to get the right ferry and make it on time?  Will there be snow in the near future again?  

Best thing to do now is to sleep, and hope for some interesting and enlightening dreams.

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