Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Friday, January 2, 2009

Artist's Way Journal - Week Thirteen, Day Five

I finished reading my friend's story.  The story isn't finished, by any means, but it is good.  It's just Book One.  There's more to come.  I'm impressed, for all the reasons I mentioned yesterday.

Today while walking some trails not far from our home, I felt some creativity seep in.  It was in the mid 30's outside.  This morning I'd noticed a significant drop in my emotional well-being, and it became apparent I needed to get out and walk, with my family.  They were very good about it.  DH is always game for being outdoors. But the nice thing was that DD and DS obliged me, and did so without bickering, spending half the time walking together.  We became separated a few times, but always found each other, without the help of the cell phones, which we did have.  

It was a gorgeous day.  At one point DH saw a bald eagle, which he pointed out to me.  I got as good a photo as I could, having to shoot into the sun, and not being able to focus as closely as I'd like to.  As I was fiddling with the focus, another large bird--either a hawk or another eagle--was wheeling overhead, finally landing on the very top of a dead, limbless tree.  I realise now just how much I'm enjoying photography again, and that I'd like to save up for an SLR, and something that I can bring things into sharp focus from afar.  

Something else that sparked my creativity, as I was putting together a new puzzle this evening, came while listening to Bill Moyer's interview with John Lithgow, and hearing Lithgow reading work from his book, Poet's Corner.  He read Gwendolyn Brook's "We Real Cool," some Shakespeare, Wm. Carlos Williams, and gave a wonderful recitation of "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night."  So good.

Well, tomorrow is a busy day, with taking kids to the ferry so that they can have a day in Seattle, and then a little shopping with DF in Gig Harbor.  I'm off to bed...

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