Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Artist's Way Journal - Week Fourteen, Day Four

I'm thinking about renaming these pages to Morning Pages, even though, more often than not, they are really nighttime pages.  

Wrote the beginning of a poem yesterday, to go with a new weekly prompt from Poetic Asides.  Here it is:

Anyway, now that we're in a new year, I think it makes sense to make this week's prompt to write a poem that deals with something new. You can decide what that new thing is. You could write about the new year, a new item (many people just received gifts during the holidays last month), a new relationship, or even the lack of anything new.

So, I let myself have a go at it.  I took into account the flooding in the state, the rearranging of our furniture, current and future remodeling we are doing/plan to do and what we found in doing so.  It just felt good to have written something.  I think now I'm going to allow myself some sleep, so that I can feel more rested tomorrow.  I taught three classes at the gym today, and that's a challenge.  It'll be interesting to see how my body translates that during the night, and how I feel in the morning.  Right now I feel better than I expected to.  

I also got my hair cut, again.  And next week I have a reading in Redmond.  Wonder what I'll read?

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