Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day Two of Lent, and a poem a day

Well, I won't even say how long it's been since I posted here.  My blogs and a few other things got away from me since, well, ...

So, time to put that aside.  Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and time for me to make some decisions.  What to give up?  Or rather, what to take on?  Of course, I would write daily in my journal for the days of Lent.  I try to do that every year, some years more successful than others, but a good practice to put into action.  But, what else could I do that might have farther reaching effects?

Certainly I get a few poems from journal entries, and those go on to enter the rounds of the submission game, and eventually a few are published.  But - what could I do, during Lent, that would reach someone every day?

It came to me in the shower this morning.  Day Two of Lent.  Why not read a poem to my Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch class? That sounded good to me.  But I teach the class only on Tuesdays, so I needed to do something else.  Perhaps my Pilates class would like to hear a short poem each time we meet.  I was becoming more energized as I continued to plan my project. Why stop there?  Maybe my weight-training (Ultimate Strength) class would like to hear a haiku ...

So, today I read Mary Oliver's "Spring" to my Pilates group today.  And, they liked it.  I teach again tonight, this time Ultimate Strength (which is like BodyPump or Group Power).  And I'll read one to them, too.  Tomorrow morning I am subbing the 6 am Ultimate Strength.  Wonder what they would think?

Which brings me to another point I've been thinking about.  Drawing attention to myself as a poet.  Or, just drawing attention to myself, period.  I mull that over from time to time, and have done over the years.  But then I got to thinking, after my shower, as I made the bed that, in order to bring something good to others, you first have to do something good for yourself.  Pretty standard stuff.  But, shouldn't it be the other way around?

The way I see it:  I like poetry.  Maybe others do, or they don't.  Often people just don't understand it.  I like to write poetry, and yes, I like it when it gets published.  I won't lie.  So, why not take a poem, one that has a good chance of "reaching" others, and share it with them?  Maybe we will both (or all) benefit.  I'll get something out of reading the poem, tasting the words, and I'll be giving it away to someone else.  I'll find the poems that speak to many, written by others mostly, and set them down different paths, one each day.  Might be in a fitness class.  Might be on Face Book.  Or via email.  Or tacked onto the bulletin board at a grocery store.  Or ...

What will you do?

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