Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Six of Lent, and a poem by Li Po

Today I was actually early with my daily poem.  I taught both Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch, and Pilates.  I'm finding these two classes kindly receptive to my reading to them.  I find that the cool down period and the beginning breathing a good time to read.

My poem for today:

Written While Wandering the White River in Nan-Yang, After Climbing Onto the Rocks

Morning up near White River origins,
and suddenly that human world’s gone:

islands all end-of-the-earth beauty,
river and sky a vast vacant clarity.

Ocean clouds leave the eye’s farewell,
and the mind idle, river fish wander.

Chanting, I linger out a setting sun,
then return moonlit to a farmland hut.

--Li Po, from The Selected Poems of Li Po

For a link to more of his poems, visit Famous Poets and Poems . com

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