Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it. And it was good. We celebrated with friends, and spent hours around the kitchen table with good food, canned goods opened and enjoyed, and cordials from the summer uncorked and allowed to breathe. We invited a friend who would have spent the evening alone. We are blessed knowing he now feels more welcomed into this community, that there are others who share his world views, and who enjoy his company. We are blessed with those sorts of opportunities.

And this morning I put together two submissions, one that was sent successfully, and one that is ready to go with the journal's Submissions Manager is back working. Perhaps Monday. No problem - my goal was to get one submission out on the last day of 2009, which I did, and on the first day of 2010. Goal accomplished. My acceptance ratio was slimmer in 2009, and part of that might be due to my choice of journals, and also to the fact that a huge portion of my subs went to book contests.

A few days ago I got a fortune in one of my cookies which foretold of something good. I won't say what it was until I find out what will happen. It's a mystery.

I hope you all were surrounded by love as the Old Year became the New. A sense of resurrection, of rebirth. The circle of life keeping on. My friend who loves to cook made a big pot of beans with sliced sausage and black-eyed peas. Circular things are good luck in Philippine culture. Makes sense to me. She also made a fantastic Brussels sprouts dish, and of course those are round, too. I served pickle slices and round crackers. Before they are cooked, cranberries are little round gems.

A tradition in my family on my dad's side was to eat a New Year fish (sugar) cookie, so DD made the cookies, and I gave them scales and mouths. Some had chocolate chip eyes, and others saw through round red hots.

My cat is happy to have quiet restored this morning, however. She was very "close" today, trying to share the small space of pillow next to me while I read yesterday's comics and attempted the Seattle Times sudoku.

* * *

On a sad note, our Gecko, Sam, passed away sometime between the Old and the New. We will probably bury Sam in the garden outside the kitchen window, which was the view from the terrarium. We'll miss you~

* * *

In closing, a round ornament, for luck. May you all experience goodness this coming year!

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