Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crossing My Fingers, Taking a Deep Breath

Roller Coaster 05, originally uploaded by PI (Unresolved).

* * *

Wow. This has been a strange week. In fact, this morning I told my beginning Pilates class that my life is strange, and then I corrected myself and said, "no, actually my life is normal." They smiled, knowing I'd gotten it right.

The term "roller coaster" seems appropriate for the way some days move. That goes, too, for emotions and physical well-being, but I think that goes without saying. My rocky week began with a nice Sunday morning listening to Prairie Home Companion, imagining relaxing further with the crossword, Sudoku, and Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe

But it soon became evident that it wasn't to be, as not everyone in the family felt the same way. Next thing I knew, I was furiously cleaning house, and in tears. I won't explain much, just that the issue of the cat box (what, we have a cat box?) came up, and, well...

Fortunately, the latter of the half of the day was redeemed with a walk on the Buck Lake trails with the whole family of four of us. (See photos from previous post.) And the rest of the week followed suit, which brought us to last night, and pre-college angst from DD, and getting to bed way too late.

A good friend and I talked about being female in the thick of things (I won't elaborate, you just fill in to suit your needs), and having a teen age girl in the house as well. The energy can be staggering, if you think about it.

So, this morning I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open. I went off to teach my two classes, and went directly home. And, in my email box was a message. I won't say what it was. Maybe not for awhile, anyway. And maybe not ever. Let's just say, I'm hopeful. The roller coaster is heading back up.

Be well.


Photo note:

"A small series of that same roller coaster at "La Ronde" on St. Helens island (Montreal)."


Kells said...

Wow - we must talk! About the cat box , the tears. The email message! I'm on the ferry coming home. Talk with you soon!

Salmon Bear said...

Ooh, I missed this! I totally didn't realise I was getting comments, so I've been going back to check in. At this point, this is all old news, right? =)


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