Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Moment

It's already Friday, and I don't really know how I arrived here so quickly.  And this is such a normal way to live, it seems.  Is that a good thing?  I'm not so sure.  Let me try to recap what's been happening, just to see what I retained:

Sunday I visited Dad, and the realisation that the week was going to be busy began to sink in.  I made it to the hospital just fine, but on the way back I got off track, and took the long way to the ferry, missing one by ten minutes.  Monday I taught class, DD had an AP test, DS had band practice, and the rest is a blur.  Tuesday, another class taught, DD visited with a friend, DS had drum lesson, DH went to a scout meeting.  Weds I visited Dad, who was feeling a little more diminished, due to the chemo, and just plain being in the hospital. Traffic on 405 - missed the ferry by 10 minutes. Began work on organising all of DS's blood sugars into a readable form for the endocrinologist, which turns out to be more challenging and longer than I realised.  Thursday I worked further on the spreadsheet, which gave me trouble when moving it from laptop (Win 7) to Mac, taught class, took DS to the endocrinologist (appt. went relatively well - better than expected), taught another class, and then home to watch Doc Martin.  This, after hearing that our renter of 4 years is moving out in a month.  This morning, school conference for DS.  And now I wait to hear the latest results of the bone marrow biopsy (to be done this afternoon) to hear how well Dad is responding to the chemo, take DS to lunch with a friend, see Iron Man with DS and three friends, and get ready for tomorrow:  Prom Day (shopping for shoes, getting makeup done, etc).

Apparently I was awake throughout the week, and didn't miss much.

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