Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Catch-Up

Tonight on the Olympics is ice dancing, Men's Super G, Women's Skeleton (craziness), and Ski Jumping. Sometimes I wonder if we lose calories just watching, (more than is normal, that is) as we hold our breath, our blood pumping a little more, maybe swaying to the icy turns of the downhill course. It would be nice. That's a lot of time on the sofa; it'd be nice to know that I'm getting something else for my efforts.

Well, I found out today I didn't win the May Swenson Poetry Book Award, although I was a finalist. I won't say who won, as it hasn't been officially announced, but I will say I really appreciate that I heard about it now, so that I can move ahead. Already I've sent two mss. out -
one chapbook, and one full-length book.

My creativity has been rearranged these days with the interruption of the Olympics. I love watching, and look forward to settling in in the evenings, but my intentions of writing in my journal each night for the duration of Lent has been challenged. I guess I've missed two days only, and that I can catch up, but. . . Not to mention the fact that I missed the Ash Wednesday service. The first one (10:30) because DS had an endocrinology appt., and the second one (7 pm), just because I was home, and wasn't ready for a 20 minute drive. Besides, the Olympics were coming on, and they only happen (combined) every two years. . . and so on.

So now I'm thinking about setting up a list of poetry prompts - one for each Lenten day - that I can check off. Anything to generate more work. And, I have a writing retreat to look forward to. I'll be at Centrum for a week, the middle of March. I'm planning to work on pieces for my new collection, which is already taking shape. It's kind of nice to have something new to fuss over. Because like I said on Tuesday, I am done with the current one. It's been a finalist 4 or 5 times now; it's just a matter of time. Right? Then again, are we ever truly done with our work? That's a circular discussion.

Back to the 5 rings. Talk soon~

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