Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Poem - Susan Rich

This morning in my WOMPO e-mail was this post from a wonderful local poet, Susan Rich. Here is part of it, and a link to her new blog site. She says:

"Here’s a favorite poem. There are many others, but I’ve been writing about photography lately, so this one speaks to me today.

From the Darkroom

The image comes up slowly where light fell,
Pure positive from what was only lack.
The figure in focus stamps the pale
Surrender of the broken seal.
Knowing the light, it gives light back,
Shadow and nuance till the vision's whole,
Shadow and substance from the quick
Delight in its reciprocal.

Deeper than death the image burns
Its counterclaim unneutralized,
Renders detail in bold display
And will not, will not wash away
Or fix itself -- the instant prized --
Against the lesson all love spurns.

See you tonight at Elliott Bay if you’re in town....
Susan Rich
http://thealchemistskitchen.blogspot.com "

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