Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Blues

Wow. Weird day. But, strangely enough, these days seem not to be abnormal anymore.

It began last night. I am growing increasingly concerned about DS's high blood sugar levels. Although he has been sick, it's been a couple of weeks, and we should be seeing some improvements. I hesitate to say what the levels have been, but they make me uncomfortable, and him, irritable. And DD is over the top with worry about getting into college, and the whole college application process.

This morning it wasn't so difficult to get DS out of bed. He's learned that listening to books on tape get him to sleep earlier than he would without. I'm fine with this - he's found a good way to relax and unwind, and he's getting more sleep. And today was picture day at school, and I think that went without a hitch.

But DD awoke after a mostly sleepless night, and shortly came unglued when she looked up her second set of SAT scores. Lower than the first ones. Not by much. What followed was the wail of "I'm not going to get into college" during which nothing could be said to temper it.

I called the High School, and set up appts to talk with a new councilor: one for DD early in the day, and one for me, two hours later. Result? We both feel better about the process, knowing that the scores really are pretty decent in the first place, and there isn't that much discrepancy between them. Not enough to warrant a second look, likely.

* * *

It's Weds now, and because the morning storm was abated yesterday, I feel neutral again. Sort of. I did learn some other things during the din of the day, about some new physical things I've been experiencing of late. I woke up dizzy yesterday, but I didn't know it until I got out of bed. At first I thought, "well, you stay up so late, no wonder!" But, as I stumbled and caught the wall for support, then stood in the bathroom while the walls tried hard to right themselves, I wondered further. Inner ear? Allergies? A new illness making its way in?

The computer is one of the first places I go to look up stuff. And intuitively I typed in "Dizziness and menopause." Bingo. Loads of links. Here's what I found on one of the pages, telling me not only that dizziness is a common symptom of women in or going into menopause, but so are these other 33 things.

Here's the list I found:


Okay, that explains why I feel at least half of these things all of a sudden! Well, to be fair, in the last few weeks to over a year. Some much more. But, burning tongue? Guess what, I did have some weird reaction last week that bugged my tongue something fierce. As I was listing off many of these to my DH last night, we laughed. In a way, it is funny. But, it leaves me wondering what my own personal experience will be like, and how damn long will it last.

I guess before I go on, I'll sign off. It really isn't Tuesday any more, and I'd hate to short change Wednesday by not giving it its own page.

Be well, and let me know what's new.

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