Tiny White Flowers

Tiny White Flowers

Thursday, March 25, 2010

100 Best Poetry Blogs

100:365 - Day 100, originally uploaded by misterpulcri.

Photographer's note:

"My 100th 365 days picture.

* * *

Quite by accident yesterday, I discovered that After Artist's Way - Portrait of a Sometimes Poet appears on the Accredited Online Colleges.org website in the top 100. I am honored that this humble little blog was chosen, and am number 24 under the Showcasing Poems section of the list.

The list is split into various categories, according to each blog's focus, with a little descriptive blurb after each blog named. It was published 21 March, 2010, with this opening paragraph:

"Poets have been some of the most respected and lauded writers in the past and even today hold a special place in society as they speak at inaugurations, commencements and special lectures. Whether you’re an aspiring poet, a college student or just someone who loves a good verse, you’ll find a range of poetry related help, information and inspiration on these blogs. Check them out to see what other poets are up to or just to learn more about the craft."

I thank you. I'm am honored, and hope you continue to enjoy your visits to my site.

Blessings and inspiration~


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Alan said...

Here's an essay on a young poet's journey and lessons along the way. Please read it here at http://wp.me/pC3Xj-dK


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